Laughing and Crying

I mentioned the loss of our dear friend Carruth.  

Carruth was always the life of any party.  A big cowboy, 6’plus, always had his hat with him, a really big truck, a big dog, sometimes a pot belly pig.

He loved to dance, and when I was dating David, we all went out dancing every weekend.  He was a big personality, that was often irreverent, but always loving.  He loved to golf.  He dressed up with a priest collar in one event, and invited the ladies to come ‘bless his balls’.  Always had a cigar, and always had his scotch.  Always good to everyone.  Carruth is the tall one in the red shirt and aviators.  My boys are in the yellow and green, laughing cause they got Cigars, and mom would be mad about it.

David needed a new shirt for the funerals this week. As we pulled into the parking lot to look for shirts, this song came on the radio.  I got all teary, then I started laughing.  I was laughing because, this is just soooo Carruth, and crying because I’m really going to miss him.

If you ever knew Carruth, he’d be the guy driving the get away car, breaking into the funeral home, and putting all the quarters in the juke box.

Save a dance for me, I can’t wait to see you again, you big Cowboy.  Love you.


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