Preparation for the Feast!

I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for the family. I’m kinda excited about it. One of the nephews is recently engaged, and bringing his honey with him. I won’t get to have my oldest here, but that’s ok. He’s with our family in Phoenix.

In planning the event, I decided to break out the Apple ware. These are the dishes my family had when I was a little girl.

I never realized how many sizes of bowls there are in this set. I finally had to give up on them, because we won’t use that many bowls, and that’s a lot of dishes to wash after.

I kinda wanted to make soup for the tureen, but we are going to have so much food between what I’m cooking, my sister-in-law is bringing, and our new niece is bringing food too…..soup will be overboard.

Franciscan pottery and earthen ware started in California in the 1940’s, and was eventually bought out by the company who makes Wedgwood China in England. I have a few of the pieces made here in the US. It was fun to note the differences. But all are hand painted, apples on each plate, leaves and branches. The recent replacement dishes have ‘microwave and dishwasher safe’. The older ones, obviously do not.

My mom bought lots of bowls, and extra plates that aren’t Franciscan, but definitely fun.

We will share some memories, and lift a glass to those who can’t be with us this year.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I’m so grateful for all of you here my WordPress family.

11 thoughts on “Preparation for the Feast!

      • Eh. I drop it pretty quickly anyway. I don’t even worry about it between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I just enjoy, them do a few extra reps at the gym or laps in the pool. Life’s too short to be on a diet during the holidays. 😃😃

      • Shut up! You boys with your “ I drop it quickly”. I’ve been working out, going low carb for 2 years. The funny thing is, now when I eat carbs I feel terrible. So I will enjoy the crowd, eat what makes me feel good without regret and move through the holidays with a smile on my face.
        Life is too short to worry about the effects of food, when I can enjoy whom is at my table!

      • Exactly! The same thing goes for vacations. We started the Whole 30 thing before that wedding last summer, and it worked. You’re right, whenever I had something grain-based, I felt heavy and too full. Same with dairy. I still have each every now and then, but it’s rare now. Anyway, hope y’all have a fantastic day tomorrow. 😊😊

  1. Those dishes are so pretty! Sounds wonderful. We are going to oldest son’s because he has a huge house, but I do a lot of the cooking along with my brothers and my DDIL’s mom. This year there are 20 of us and I love getting together. I’m so glad we’re friends, too, and wishing you a wonderful holiday!

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