A memory

I was flipping around Facebook, and they will occasionally bring up old posts to re-share. This one came up today.

This was from the first Honey Tasting I had done for my wild gal-pals 3 years ago.

We had Tallow tree, Yaupon, and Wildflower honey. That’s the darkest to lightest in the spoons. I also served creamed honey, which my friend Sheryl thought was honey and butter.

I served a baked brie, fruit, different breads, smoked meats, and I made dark chocolate truffles with creamed honey centers. That is the white ball in the square dish, upper left Photo. I had to coat the truffles in white chocolate, just because.

Of course we had to have a bit of wine too. The red wine, in my opinion went the best with the honey and smoked meats. The Chardonnay went great with the Brie. The Champagne was fabulous with the fruit.

I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook, but the look back is fun.

Home again

What a week of windshield time.

580 miles, 4 Cities, 8 clients, 3 prospects.

Three nights away from home is a lot for me.

Coming home was my driving thought on Friday.

Seeing my family

Sleeping in my own bed

Good coffee

Having my dogs snuggled about me

As wonderful and productive as the trip was, I’m so happy to be home.

Image from Pinterest.

Texas state of mind

Traveling this week across the state by car, I find myself in a Texas State of mind.

What is a “Texas state of mind”? For me, it’s marveling over the diversity of the state, the vastness, the beauty, the people.

Yesterday I drove from Houston to Waco for meetings, then continued on to Dallas for my meetings today. Waco is so laid back, and easy. Dallas is not.

For example, I was grabbing some dinner and a glass of wine at Pappadeaux last night when 2 young men sat down at the bar next to me. Both were not from Texas, but one was on his first visit. They struck up a friendly conversation with the pretty bartender, and the ‘seasoned’ Texas traveler made fun on the ‘new’ one’s pronunciation of some of the items on the menu.

The bartender asked them where they were from. Both replied ‘up north’.

That made me smile. When you ask a Texan where they are from, inevitably they say Texas, and then they will describe which part of Texas they are from. Even if we are outside of the US we are one of the only folks who claim our state first when we travel abroad. We aren’t just Americans. We are Texans.

I know many from Oklahoma who will proudly claim their home on the first question, I’ve even heard some Californians do the same, but not many. Most Californians, in my experience, say they are from the West Coast.

It took the bartender 3 questions to get the actual state that the boys from ‘up north’ were from. They were from Philadelphia, PA. The first time Texas Traveler laughed that it was as cold in Dallas as it was in Philly when he left. Texas is one of those places where it could be 90 one week, and have snow flurries the next. That’s true. Last week it was horribly hot. This week, well the Airport in Houston saw some frozen precipitation, the earliest recorded freezing rain since 1979.

Since I’m nostalgic about my home, and a little worried that with the number of people moving here daily changing our culture, I found this quote from John Steinbeck from his book Travels with Charlie.

Domesticity reigns

What does this mean?

Anyone else’s Domain is their Kingdom. They are supreme, in charge, over all.

Why would a Domestic goddess be a bad thing?

Wouldn’t that make her more than a Queen?

Today, I am more than a Queen, in my little ream.

The Queen purchased trees for the country property and helped deliver them safe.

The Queen helped the King choose the appropriate placement, soil amendments, and helped dig the holes for the trees.

The Queen drove back to the castle to take care of the dogs.

The Queen went grocery shopping.

House was cleaned, by the Queen. (Not mopped, it’s too muddy outside to mop)

Lunches for the week, cooked and packaged by the Queen. (Chicken, Sausage and veggies with quinoa. Mushroom soup. Butter steak bites with butternut squash)

On an indulgent whim, the Queen made some candy…and ate some. ( Carmel chocolate with peanuts dipped in white chocolate.)

Tomorrow…..the Queen goes back to work, and will do this all again

I AM a goddess, domestic or otherwise.

I’ve earned it. I’m tired now…..

Yea, Domestic goddess is for the birds…….that’s just work.

Who made this crap up?

Waking up happy

I have no idea why. Maybe it was a good night sleep with minimal internal inferno interruptions. Maybe because it’s Friday. I don’t know.

Happy Friday everyone. Make it a great day.

It’s too darn Hot

87 degrees as of 5 minutes ago on my porch. I sweated my way thru sales calls, and stripped down to my civvy’s when I got in the garage. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a sweaty business suite, it was like getting out of a straight jacket.

There should be some sort of natural law that cools us off in November. It seems to apply quite nicely to the rest of the country. I guess we are just rebels here in S. Texas.

Oh, and my Crazy lemon tree that flowered a couple weeks ago for the second time? It’s flowered again, yep that makes 3 flowering’s since April.

Tomorrow is another day, Scarlett

The email and texts continue. Since last March, Desperate, dramatic plea after plea for campaign money fills my inboxes.

I can’t count the number of emails that I’ve unsubscribed, and they just keep coming.

If they don’t have enough money by now, it’s just not going to happen.

Tomorrow, the Mid Term madness will have some sort of conclusion, and maybe my email will settle down.