Just be weird

I have no idea if this is an authentic quote or not. There is so many odd memes out there anymore, but I like it.

I recently reconnected with someone I knew when I was in college. The more I speak with them, the more I realize how much they don’t get me. That’s ok.

I am committed to just being my own weird self, and enjoying as much as I can.

7 thoughts on “Just be weird

  1. Two questions for thought:
    1. Do you “get” your old friend?
    2. How much has each of you changed since college?
    Some friends are for life and you will always “get” each other. Some…not so much!

    • It was a really odd situation. At first it was like we had never been apart, we talked literature, history, movies, politics, then there seemed to be a glitch. They started talking about their money, and their social standing in the “big city” where they live on the coast line of the east coast, and then…it got really wonky. They started citing our “regional cultural differences” because of the bees, my soap making and I clean my own home.
      When someone has to tell me how much money they have, because of their big Wall Street job, their heritage, lineage, and relations and tells me I did “ok” in life for who I am? I realized the I am so much richer than they could ever even imagine.
      I felt sort of sorry for them.

      • That is odd. I feel sorry for them too. Ironic, they have all these “things” and they seem poor to me in the areas that count. Those “regional cultural differences” are the things that make your life rich and full. What a great experience they provided in gratitude! Thanks for sharing your story; happiness is so often a matter of attitude and they just proved it.

  2. Yeah, that’s why I don’t do facebook. When people leave your life for a period of years, I believe it’s because they don’t fit in your life, nor you in theirs. Facebook opens up all of those strange pathways and often ruins some wonderful memories.

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