Ready for Halloween?

Image from Noble Works Cards

Do you get dressed up for Halloween? Do you decorate?

Since my kids, and most of the neighbor’s kids have grown up, Halloween has slowed down in the neighborhood.

This year, one of our professional groups is having a bowling party, and we are supposed to dress up. Bowling, and dress up….Not the first thing I would pick to do on a Thursday evening. I can manage for 3 hours, I hope. The crash of bowling pins is not my favorite sound.

I ordered a queen bee costume, but I hate it. I think I will keep the wings, the sash, grab my birthday tiara and make a go of it.

Halloween used to be fun, but it holds nothing for me anymore without little kids coming to the door, full of fun and anticipation.

One thought on “Ready for Halloween?

  1. I’m with the zombie on the pumpkin spice thing. Ick. We do still decorate, and dress in costume if we host or attend a party. The boys have aged out of trick or treating, but we’ve never gotten trick or treaters at our house. Too far off the road. I still love Halloween, but you’re right, without the kids involved, it’s not really the same. Where we lived before moving out to the farm was a dense urban neighborhood and people would come from all over the city to let their kids trick or treat. We didn’t even have kids of our own yet, but it was so much fun. There are still some things I miss about the city, and Halloween is one of them. 😃

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