The VW Bug and 80’s Radio

When I was a wee lass in the 1980’s, barely 19 I drove a 1970 VW bug all around Dallas, TX.

The problem was, it had a terrible valve problem, guzzled oil like no one’s business, and it had no air conditioning. I had a radio, and a fancy cassette stereo installed, that I had gotten for my 18th birthday. It was a 4 speed on the floor with a very sticky clutch, and NO acceleration.

It was a ‘beater with a heater’, and I was supremely thankful to have wheels.

Flash forward 36 years later, and I’m on a business trip in Orlando, and my rental car is none other that the current model VW Bug, red, it’s not a stick, and it has Air Conditioning! The nostalgic part for me was the black interior, the low profile, and the radio station tuned to a 1980’s themed station.

There is nothing like rolling with the windows down, listening to the Bangles, Tom Petty, Prince, and Duran Duran, driving a VW bug, and knowing all the words to the songs.

Where have the years gone?

11 thoughts on “The VW Bug and 80’s Radio

    • This version was better than the original one. My first bug really struggled. It was held together with sheer will power. But, it got me where I needed to be for the most part.

  1. Ha! My first car was a Bug! ‘72, orange, black vinyl seats that would singe the hell outta the back of ones thighs in summer, no heat, no a/c, a towel was my defroster. I’d love to have it now though. 😃

    • I can still hear the whine of the transmission and how I practiced so hard to shift with no jerk, or hesitancy. Hills were hard, and finding that sweet spot on the clutch that would keep me from falling back before accelerating. What a lesson.

      • Ah, yes. Automatic transmission is so easy, especially in a hilly area. I am thankful, however, to have learned on a manual. There is never the panic of what would I do in an emergency if I had to drive a stick. I insisted my kids learn that way too. I don’t know if they appreciate that or not 😎. It also didn’t hurt in learning to ride a motorcycle🏍. (Can you tell I am in MX with good Internet and trying to catch up on emails? This one obviously got hidden in the crowd.)

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