I’ve been looking at bronzes, and longing to get to a museum.

Images from Pinterest.

Camille Claudel 1864-1943 French Sculptress/Artist.

She was a contemporary of Matisse, and Picasso. She kept going when no one believed in her.

There is something about sculpture, specifically bronze, that really speaks to me. I like Marble too. There is something so amazing about a cold hard element being turned into something warm, fluid, and wonderful. I just want to touch it.

What art speaks to you?

4 thoughts on “Bronzes

      • Claude Monet. I love his landscapes. I have to add Degas because of his ballet dancers. I am only an art admirer, not an expert or a creator, but I do love it. Like music. As to sculpture, that is just another whole amazing field. I can see why you are attracted to bronze. Art is one of those things you just can’t put a price on; it enriches our lives.

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