To my baby on his 24th Birthday

My dear, beautiful, son,

What a magnificent young man you’ve become.

When I see your life in my mind, I see great things for you.

I can see fabulous friendships, a wonderful marriage with someone who will be your full partner, best friend, and fierce protector…yes men need a wife who will protect them just as women need a husband who will their security, and covering.

When I close my eyes, I see many Holidays, vacations, trips, dinners, and birthday parties through the years.

I can imagine a wonderful profession, witty inventions, and fabulous successes for you.

God willing, I see you with your children being a fabulous father, playing games, teaching important lessons, and nurturing your babies to become their best selves.

I pray that we enjoy many good times ahead, laughing, enjoying, and keeping each other strong.

You have become a wonderful man of great heart, beautiful mind, and strong work ethic. I’m immensely proud of you.

Your loving mama.

14 thoughts on “To my baby on his 24th Birthday

    • Thank you. I don’t know how I deserve to be this blessed. It’s humbling,
      My boys are a true testimony of the goodness of God. They are both wonderful human beings.

  1. I had a smothering mother. That’s my excuse for making my wish for my now twenty something daughters to just be that they are as happy as they can be as often as they can be. This lead me to take a hands-off approach so they could decide for themselves what directions they would take in life, in all its aspects (financial, emotional, etc.) to fulfill my one and only wish for them. I have told them this in different ways over the years, always with the caveat that their dad and I would always be there to “catch them if they fall” and help them if we could (if we agreed that we should with what they wanted to achieve with our help). I have said about this approach to raising children that “you have to give them just enough rope to (start to) hang themselves but to always be there to keep them from having the life choked out of them!” Since you are a caring mom, as I am, I’m sure you can appreciate that is often easier said than done.

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