A Day in the Bee yard

It’s been a really dry August, and everything is struggling. We are supplemental feeding and keeping an eye on the stressful hives.

It was a crunchy day in the country. I was concerned on the cracks in the soil and the level of the pond. But we’ve got some rain coming. I hope it soaks in well.

Today I’m grateful for a little rain in Houston. I love the sound of rain.

Let’s hope the rain makes it 100 miles west. We need it there too.

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Bee yard

  1. It’s been strange, but we’ve had a really wet summer…up until about 3 week’s ago. Minimal rain since. I’d imagine y’all may get some rain outta the tropical storm too, depending on track of course. Looks to be headed right at New Orleans right now, but ya’ never know.

    • We were hoping Gordon might bring us a little something. We got rain in Houston yesterday, but it didn’t reach our property in H’ville. I hope Gordon doesn’t pull a Harvey, and that it passes swiftly through with minimal damage.

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