From the feet up #5 and final

The eyes.

It was a debate. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to speak of my eyes or my skin. The skin was too general, so the Eyes are #5. To finalize things on my gratitude journey and work on accepting my 50 something self.

As I mentioned in a previous From the Feet Up post, I’d been conditioned from a young age to look at the faults, and to compare myself to the media images. Well, I’m not a media image, and the war going on with what I look like now, and the image I have in my head has got to come to an end. I’m going to make peace with myself, even it’s peace, piece-by-piece.

To sum things up, or in conclusion based on the facts previously laid out. I have a very strong frame. My sturdiness, muscle, strength, and solid form have served me very well. I can walk for days and days on strong feet and legs. I’m flexible, and well able to keep myself strong through my regular activities. I have fine health, every scar and every part of me tells a story, and every single part of me has fond memories that are centered around my family and children. That visualization alone helps me to parlay peaceful terms with myself.

To finish things off, #5 on the list are my eyes.

I’m a Brown Eyed Girl. I’ve never been a big eye make up aficionado. Too much and I look like a weird, demented owl. No Smokey eye for me.

The brown is a sort of Whiskey color, with a strong green ring around the outside of the Iris. The depth of the brown will change depending on what I’m wearing, or how much time I’ve spent in the sun. Some people say that’s Hazel, and I guess they are right, but they are Hazel Brown, not Hazel Green. I’m kinda happy I’ve got both Brown and Green in my eyes.

I have my Grandfather Thorne’s Eyes. My youngest son Zach has them too. We all have the smattering of freckles on our noses too. Angel Kisses as my Grandfather used to say. He’d call me his “little brown berry”. I got his Olive completion and I get very, very, very dark with just a little bit of sun.

I’ve been told that I have very ‘sharp’ eyes. They can slay, that’s for sure. In a meeting a few years back, one of the SVP’s of our division was saying something very offensive, and against everything that our group had proposed. He kept looking at me and clearing his throat, very nervous. He finally said, ‘Wendy, please stop looking at me like that, you are scaring the S#17 out of me.” I just said ‘good’. The right eyebrow will arch and intimidate as well.

Scars? Yes, I have a scar in the corner of my left eye. It was quite pronounced when I was little. The OB who delivered me told my mother that since she was so petite, that I was curled up with my toe next to my eye, and that caused the scar. He said that she was very fortunate that it hadn’t gone into the eye, or that would have caused some significant developmental damage, it could have cost me the sight in the left eye or the whole eye.

I am very fortunate indeed.

Peace takes practice. Thank you all for your indulgence on this journey. I know it’s going to take time, but now I have some strong visualization I can use when doubt creeps in. I am strong, not just intellectually or emotionally. I’m strong from my from my feet up.

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