From the feet up

Gratitude. Confidence. Making Peace with myself from the feet up.

Starting with my feet.

My genetics have dictated my little square feet, little square toes. Solid footing, good arches, and the source of my balance and strength.

I don’t have the Thoroughbred delicate feet. I have the Shetland pony style feet. Solid, sturdy, and strong. They can walk for miles and miles. They don’t let me down.

They have a little history. My left foot still has a nice scar from when my mother ran me off the road on her way to tennis. I scraped my left foot along the new asphalt road and had to walk my bike home and our neighbor saw me and helped me get cleaned up. Again with the left foot, I had Achilles reconstruction in 2013, and that was a really long recovery. My left foot is still changing, and getting stronger all the time.

Today I’m grateful for my little square feet that walk, dance, point, and keep me moving.

I’m also very grateful that my feet are not hairy, broken, or fungus-y. Just healthy, strong, and painted red toes.

11 thoughts on “From the feet up

    • Let’s just say she didn’t talk to the neighbor much after that. And my dad wasn’t happy when he got home from his trip.
      The scar is a memory, and a reminder. I made a lot of promises to myself as a kid, and I hope I’m a better mom.
      My feet hold much of my foundation, not just physically, but who I am as a person, and who I don’t want to be. I may have her feet, legs and ankles, but the similarities stop with the physical.

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