Not changing my clothes

A couple weeks ago we went to see ELO.

Wardrobe……clothes…..decisions…….being a girl……..

It was a great night, a great concert, a much appreciated time away from work, house, dogs, bees, etc.  There was just one little hitch that made made me a little upset with myself.

I got myself ready to go to a Rock Concert.  I hadn’t been to one in quite a few years, and I wanted to look, ‘rockin’. So I got myself together, and came out to join my husband and son and got this:

And this:

And Silence…….until my son nudged his father, and said ‘way to go dad’. ‘Say something nice quick.’

He couldn’t. He didn’t.

It was a little too late at that point. I went and changed. Then I was mad at myself.

I should have worn what I wanted. Mainly because Boys are dumb.

That’s it for the mature assessment of the situation. 😆

Next time, I’m not changing.

Cheers to getting my confidence back.

My Over 50 Rockin Look. Ta da.

6 thoughts on “Not changing my clothes

  1. One benefit of a really slow Internet connection is that you have plenty of time to use your imagination as to what a post is going to be about based on its title. I had some funny ones lined up, but nothing as good as your actual topic. And the pictures to go with it are hysterical. Here are some lessons for the men in your life:
    1. For your date’s outfit—“You look AMAZING!”
    2. For that newborn baby that you have your doubts about— “That’s SOME baby!”
    3. For that “pregnant” lady that you don’t actually know is pregnant—NOTHING, keep your mouth shut!
    I love your outfit and you ROCK!

    • Oh the pregnant lady one. Best Advice Ever! I refuse to say anything after seeing a coworker stuck her foot in her mouth, and went down in flames.
      Thanks ma’am. I feel good in the outfit. Confidence is everything anymore.

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