Keep a Little Soul

I’ve always been a Tom Petty Fan.  I kinda grew up with him.  Like the Eagles, or ELO. or any of the Classic Rock bands, he was on the radio during those High School years where everything had a song associated with it.

Songs you got dressed to go to school, songs that you listened to on the way home, songs you played while doing homework, songs that sang you to sleep, songs you cranked up while riding with the windows down on a summer night.

I heard an unreleased song the other day.  My Sirius XM radio is continually on the Tom Petty Channel.  Keep A Little Soul.  I was surprised to hear that a new Album of his is coming out on September 28th.  Posthumously, Tom Petty is still rocking out, and fans are still hanging on.

God Bless you Tom Petty.




6 thoughts on “Keep a Little Soul

    • Jeff Lynn is all that’s left of the Wilburys, I think. When I saw him a couple of weeks ago with his ELO tour, he gave Tom a nod and played a Wilbury tune. The pre-concert tunes playing as they set up was all Tom Petty. It was pretty cool.

    • I saw Jeff Lynn on tour, his ELO experience a couple weeks ago. He gave Tom a nod with one of their Traveling Wilbury songs. The whole stadium cheered at the Tom Petty footage.

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