35 years ago?

I was going through my Linked In connections, and sometimes they come up with suggestions.

Did my jaw drop when I saw a familiar face, and a familiar name come up on the screen. Do you know Bill?

Darned if I don’t.

You know in the movies, especially the time travel kind they will have a swirling vortex, or some kind of sling shot screen to pull the viewer from present to past, or past to present?

I think I went through one of those.

I was 19 again, I could hear him putting on his Irish Accent, whispering William Butler Yeats, telling me jokes, being my friend.

New Years in Boston, The Texas State Fair, hanging out in my section at the Cactus Bar and Grill, telling me about his family, hopes and dreams.

He’s quite successful now, and I took a chance and sent him a message.

Shock me twice, he remembered. He remembered more than me. He’s really happy, and I’m so happy for him.

To reconnect after all that time, and talking like we just saw each other yesterday.

It made me so happy.

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