Get your own door!

I love manners. Please, Thank you, Yes Ma’am, Yes Sir, how can I help you.

It melts me. Kindness and respect begetting kindness and respect.

I can’t tell you the number of times, when I’ve been hurrying along, high heels clicking, bags in tow, hurrying to a meeting, airport, or any function, and a kind gentleman, old, young, in between holds the door. It stops me every time. This kind person is waiting to give me a small kindness, a gentle assistance, a simple gesture of respect. The simple “I See You” an acknowledgment of one’s existence.

I LOVE MEN WHO ARE GENTLEMEN!  There I’ve said it.  It’s the girliest thing to me, but when a man, acts like a gentleman and holds open the door, it’s one of my favorite things.

Manners don’t stop at gender, if someone is coming your way, hold the elevator, hold the door, acknowledge another human beings existence.  It’s why we are here.

I’m happy to say, I’ve given, and I’ve received these kindnesses, and I get a good laugh when people crap on them, and get their own comeuppance.

12 thoughts on “Get your own door!

  1. I try to be a gentleman or just plain polite human being and open doors and that sort of thing for everyone. It does bother me when people don’t say thank you. How hard can it be?

  2. I think sometimes people don’t hold a door because that would mean the other person will be in line in front of them. Their time is more valuable than the other person’s. On the other hand, I have had people arriving at a restaurant, for example, at the same time as me who deliberately and obviously make a choice to hold the door so that I go first. An act of kindness and of respect for another human being which makes me respect them!

  3. Manners and politeness and kindness seem like such simple notions to me. So easy to put forth. I’ll never understand people who don’t. I can promise you this, my boys have been raised in a house that insists on manners. Thank you, please, a bless you when someone sneezes, excuse me, and sorry are non-negotiables. People have gone out of their way to acknowledge them in public places as well, so I guess they were listening after all. We’ve refused to unleash 3 entitled little assholes upon world though. 😃😃

    • My boys always called me the “mean-0ld-mom” for driving the manners home. Nothing makes me happier than to see how kind they are, and polite. They stand out because of the manners I was so ‘mean’ about. But what makes me happy, is that they see for themselves what manners mean. And they are passing along the message.

      • Can’t ask for more than that. Shows you were a kickass mom, if you ask me. And, did it ever strike you as a stark reminder, when someone complimented you on your kids, like at the grocery or if they said excuse me to someone unprompted? That them, the kids that is, doing so should be the norm, but so isn’t the norm, that somebody felt compelled to make a special note of it. It always made me realize how rare it is to see a kid with manners. It’s shame. 😃

  4. basic manners or kindness is becoming a lost art. I still open car door for me wife nd give up my seat to a lady on a crowded bus or train. It’s how my father raised me.

    • There’s a lot of us out there, that get snubbed, but I’d rather have manners, than not. Life would be really sad without men like you. I appreciate you continuing the traditions.

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