A survey gone too far.

Do you get surveys? Are you ever online, and an interrupting pop up appears on the screen wanting to know if you are willing to take a short survey?

Can you imagine, being in the privacy of a bathroom, and a pop up appears “Would you be willing to poop here again?” Rate us 5 stars!

How would you decide how many stars to give? On the efficiency of the bowl movement, or the cleanliness of the facility? Is lighting an issue in bathroom ambiance? Then you have your courtesy sprays. Because….well…..it’s important.

Getting feedback on the satisfaction of the bathroom experience seems a really odd, over-the-top thing to do.

“I can only give you 3 stars the overhead lighting was harsh, and the TP was too rough?”

I realize this is a little silly, and that’s kinda the point, isn’t it?

I mean, I have an ex-husband who couldn’t poop anywhere but his mommy’s house. It was really an awkward, and short marriage, but he didn’t have the same standards of exclusivity for his penis, which was the end of the marriage.

Still, bathroom habits are very personal things, but taking a survey about them is a little odd. I blame the VRBO, Air B&B and Home Away for these odd little items.

10 thoughts on “A survey gone too far.

  1. Too bad you weren’t given a survey on your ex. You would have plenty of ready answers. And as to the original topic–yes, the surveys are obnoxious. Also, it’s scary all the data that is collected and used just because you visited a site.

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