ELO-The Jeff Lynn Tour

Electric Light Orchestra. My first Concert at 16 was a memorable experience. The first time I had ever even smelled pot. It was offered, and declined. I was to young and scared of being kicked off the drill team to think about trying that foul smelling stuff.

One of my first dating experiences, being 16. He was an older guy, a whole 19 years old, and we drove ALL THE WAY to Fort Worth to see them.

He brought an extra lighter for me. I had no clue about waving flames about during a concert. They had the whole Spaceship stage. Mr. Blue Sky, and Don’t Bring me down were the big hits on the Radio.

That was a really big deal for me, driving an hour away with an ‘older man’ to see a Rock Band from England.

Coincidentally, my husband was at the same concert. He, being part of a touring band, The Drifters, at the time had floor seats, and back stage passes. I was up in the middle of the bowl in wide eyed wonder.

This concert was magical in it’s own way. The local critic called it a ‘religious experience’. I have to admit there were a couple times I got a little weepy. Especially during Telephone Line.

Jeff Lynn still has a voice. Not his original crew, but the new folks were beautiful, and fully talented. It’s an all girl string section, and they had wonderful stage presence.

He played some old, some new, and some of the Traveling Wilbury’s. Showing footage of Tom Petty, George Harrison, Roy Orbison was really powerful, and got a great response from the audience.

There was no smell of pot, or cigarette smoke. Rocking out with the over 50 crowd was a riot. I tried to take discreet footage of the ladies dancing in their chairs and the guys bobbing their heads, and shaking down their shoulders on air drums and guitar.

We had to go through metal detectors to get in, and there was a huge police presence.

I had bought the tickets last year for my husband’s birthday, and presented them to him in his ELO album with the Space ship on it. I made reservations at a hotel downtown, along with reservations at Vic and Anthony’s for dinner. We walked from the hotel to the restaurant, to the Toyota center and back. Everything came off without a hitch, and to see my husband’s happy face, and enthusiasm for the whole evening was worth every penny.

Telephone Line.

7 thoughts on “ELO-The Jeff Lynn Tour

    • He did lights and sound for a band, long time ago. They had some minor success on MTV, 2 albums, and toured mostly Texas for almost 10 years. They guys get together for a reunion every year and are still really close.

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