Fun in flight

I fly Southwest Airlines quite a bit.

I like them.

Not only for the fun MD Anderson Art that they have decided to display on the overhead bins, but the Flight Attendants are more often than not, really fun.

I try to get the Exit Row when I can. It means I’m usually among seasoned travelers, and it’s a little more room for me and the stuff that I have to carry.

When sitting in an Exit Row, you have to give a verbal agreement to help in the event of an Emergency.

Our Flight attendant was being particularly cheeky. He grabbed my bag from the overhead bin because I had my A-list tag on it. He asked my name. He introduced me to two of the gentlemen in the row so we could get ‘friendly’. He then said: “Beverage of choice to the person who can answer this question:

What is the airspeed Velocity of an unladen swallow?”

So I shouted back: “African or European?”

His mouth dropped open “Wendy, how did you know that?”

So I had to be cheeky with him “You have to know these things when you are king”.

That did spark a discussion on how I came to be acquainted with Monty Python Movies. No one got the reference but me.

It made for a fun flight.

Today, I’m really grateful for enjoyable travel, and flight attendants who go out of their way to make their flights fun.

11 thoughts on “Fun in flight

  1. Awesome. Usually SWA attendants do not take themselves too seriously which seems to help everyone relax a little. On the 4th of July I had to travel. On the first leg, it was one of the attendants’ birthday. So, they passed a card around secretly for everyone to sign and then of course she received lots of verbal birthday greetings as well. On the second leg, one of the attendants started singing “Your a Grand Old Flag” and by the end pretty much everyone had joined in and it ended with a round of applause.

    I would have been stumped by the Monty Python reference. I think it is great that you were able to throw it back at him!

  2. Traveling is an interesting adventure. I took a huge trip a few years back. The east coast, the south, all in one trip. Lots of airports and lots of fun. I never had a problem. The people are fascinating. An entire book could easily be written.

    Love the drawings on the overhead in your photo. 🙂

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