Have you noticed?

Since I started this gratitude journey almost 4 years ago, I’ve noticed that I can’t hang around complainers.

Let me just define things: There is a huge difference between someone going through a major life event who needs support, and a complainer. And if you don’t know the difference, you are probably a complainer and you won’t understand the explanation.

Something happens when people start complaining, especially when they complain about things neither they or I can fix like a strangers fashion choice. I freeze up. My heart starts to shrink, and I feel something like physical pain. What am I supposed to do a about the shoes someone chooses to wear? Why do they think I care?

Complainers have become offensive to me. Their poison words damage me on a psychological, emotional, and physical level.

You know the type. Nothing is ever good enough, they can find the problem in every solution, they don’t like people for their political views, religious views, the shoes they wear, or their possessions. And what’s worse is they see themselves as “victim” all the time. Someone is always doing “something” to them.

They are “poor” people. Poor in attitude. Poor in spirit. They are Stingy, offended, whinging (whinging is a fretful whine) victims of society. And the more they complain, the worse their lives become. They are victims for sure. Victims of their own making. Every time they open their mouth, their lives get worse. These people like to complain. It’s part of the fabric of their being. They can’t wait to tell you what is wrong with someone else, what someone did, how they can’t get ahead because of someone, how they feel, and why it’s someone else’s fault. It makes me want to vomit, because I am whinging and opining about complainers! Can you see the vicious circle?

Do you think I could get them banned….Or start one of those movements? I promise that no one has to wear a hat in the form of genitals, or hand gestures, or sports logos. Maybe it’s the hats or the community offense that gets these things rolling?

Or Maybe the best thing I can do is maintain healthy boundaries, and choose my friends wisely? No Community Organizer Movements Necessary. I can make good choices? Yep, the power is still with me. I can make better choices.

Offense is a trap, and it ultimately hurts the one taking offense worse than the one doing the offense. My blood pressure went off the charts while describing the behavior of the complainers.

Have you been offended lately? Do you really know why?

Today I’m grateful that I get to make good choices. That I can keep offense off of my radar, out of my life, and thankfully off of my head.

5 thoughts on “Have you noticed?

  1. I love this: “they can find the problem in every solution.” That is so true and so easy to do and call it brainstorming or thinking things through. Whoops! Although I don’t consider myself a complainer, I think I am guilty of that sometimes.🤔

    • Thinking is a good thing, especially if you want a solution to a problem. I’ve find complainers don’t want solutions, they need the problem to complain about.

  2. Everyone complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. That’s the quote I shared with my spouse (who checks the local weather reports more often than I do, in an attempt to schedule his activities). We both laughed when recalling a handyman who did some work for us a few years ago when we lived near Nashville and who had no qualms about sharing his theories that indeed “the government” actually did something about the weather!
    And Doris Day, who is famous for her “sunniness,” has certainly had more than enough to complain about in her own life. Thanks for sharing this thought from her.

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