When things go Right!

Being in that ‘in-between’ season where my sons still need me, and aging parents start needing more help is somewhat stressful.

I took some time to reflect on my Mother-in-law’s situation this last year, and I noticed something remarkable.

Every time we needed to have something for her, it happened flawlessly:

She needed a new cardiologist.  A friend recommended the perfect doctor for her.  She got into to see him quickly, and he was able to change up some medication that helped her tremendously.

She needed to sell a piece of property.  A realtor reached out to her with a buyer who wanted to pay cash, at top of the market price, and it closed without a hitch in less than a month!  I’m so grateful that she got to put a little extra jingle in her pocket.

She needed daily assistance, and one of her neighbors had a friend that was between jobs, and the two of them are now inseparable buddies.  The young lady helped my Mother-in-law stay in her own home a year longer than we thought possible.

It’s now time for her to move into a full time assisted living facility.  Yesterday she went for an evaluation, loved the facility, they had a room available, and she moves in next week!  No arguing, crying, complaining, or dismay, she’s ready to move in and is super happy about it.  We thought it was going to be a difficult transition.

When I think back on all the really nice ways that things have come together for my 92 year old Mother-in-law I’m just in awe, and so grateful.

I’m a firm believer that God has been watching out for her, and it’s been such a blessing to witness such goodness.  Not only am I a witness, but in a way I get to benefit from that goodness because it’s taken so much off my list of things to manage.

I’m so grateful today to see the good things that God does for my family.


13 thoughts on “When things go Right!

  1. It’s a minor miracle that things worked so smoothly for y’all. In my line of work, nearly daily I see the repercussions of things not going smoothly. Y’all are blessed, indeed. Hope the transition goes as smoothly as everything else seems to have. 😊

  2. It is the cycle of life and when we embrace it, it makes the world around us so much better. My daughters are teenagers now. There are times where I wish it was ten years ago but I quickly push that thought away.They are suppose to be moving forward just like you and your mother in-law.

    I’m happy I found this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. My goodness! This is a tale of continued blessings. I’m glad so many things have worked out so well for your family. I agree with the commenters who say that the hardest part is when the person who needs help accepts it graciously. Change is not easy for any of us.

  4. OK–said that wrong. I was trying to say that the hardest part is usually getting the person who needs help to accept the help. It always helps when they accept the changes graciously.

  5. Perhaps this is good karma that your MIL has earned on her path through life. I’d like to think that karma sometimes works that way, both positive and negative.

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