Everything is bigger in Texas? Here’s proof.

A friend of mine whose family has had the Wildlife management of the King Ranch for the last 50 years posted this picture on Facebook last week.

108 lbs, 8’2″ long, rattle snake. It was found, and dispatched near Beeville, Tx a couple weeks ago.

Look at the size of that snake’s head! It’s like it’s half python or something out of a horror movie.

We are always watching for snakes, and I think we will all be a little more cautious from here on out.

I’m glad the dude put his beer down for the picture, but something tells me he was trying to hold the beer and the snake at the same time. I can hear the guy taking the picture. “You gotta use both hands to get that snake up high enough so I can get the whole thing in the shot, dumb ass”.

That skin will make some boots, now.

Watch your step.

Here’s some Ray Wylie Hubbard for the mood music.


10 thoughts on “Everything is bigger in Texas? Here’s proof.

    • That big of a rattler could kill a full size man with 1/4 of the venom in his mouth, he could kill deer, cattle. Like a great white shark, if you can’t relocate them, it’s better to take them out of harms way.

    • I understand. This one is like the ‘great white’ shark. If you can’t get them to relocate, it’s better to put them down. This size of predator in a community could kill someone easily, not to mention the damage they could do to livestock.
      I don’t have the full back story on this one. But the friends that I have that do Wildlife management will always relocate if they can.

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