Soap—an unexpected payoff

It’s time to make the soap.

I’ve gotten spoiled with this soap. It’s was a very gratifying thing when one of my networking partners, Marcee, bumped up against me, and in surprise, grabbed my arm.

Then she started stroking my arm with a very surprised, and almost shocked look on her face. In a very accusing tone she asked me “Why are you soooooo soft? You skin is so smooth, I can’t stop touching it! What do you use?”

She let go of me when she realized that things were getting a little odd.

I told her I make my own soap.

She just dropped her shoulders, and said “of course you do.”

I’m making an 4 pound batch so I can give some away with a couple of bars specifically set aside for Marcee.

Today I’m grateful for time to make soap, and the ability to make it.

What are you grateful for today?

9 thoughts on “Soap—an unexpected payoff

    • You are finally getting some lovely weather there in MI. My cousin and her husband are in Ann Arbor now, taking care of my Aunt. They love it there.

  1. Currently sitting on the deck in a beautiful mountain setting in perfect temperatures with occasional gentle breezes. I’m “helping” my husband smoke a few chickens and some fresh corn on the cob. Translate: I ate half an ear of corn to see if it was done. 🌽

    • Good for you! The supervisory role in smoking is largely ignored. Who would tell them when the corn is ready, or when the proper smoke temp has dropped, or brought them their favorite refreshment? You are remarkable. Enjoy!

  2. Do you make your own soap! I can’t believe it! I’ve never thought in making soap. Should be a wonderful feeling to wash our body knowing how the ingredients we have in the soap, not all the chemical that the commercial ones have. Good job!

  3. Being able to access internet on an up to date computer not at my home. Recent series of storms that have blown through East TN have played havoc with the electronics throughout our house, along with “frying” the cables most of the households on our block use to access internet. Internet got fixed on 7/5 and was working great that night on the computer I use which spouse wired to connect in our home by ethernet. That connection was mysteriously lost overnight so spouse is adding that to his ever-growing list of stuff to repair or replace, if the storms ever stop!

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