Life lessons

I saw this on Pinterest this morning and it hit home with me.

So much of my life decisions can be traced back to not so great experiences that I decided that I either didn’t want to repeat, or pass on.

My parenting style for example, while not perfect, was developed by not wanting to make the same mistakes that my parents made. I was really candid with my boys once they graduated from high school about my mistakes as I saw them, and asked them to forgive me and learn from them. It was really cool moment in our relationships.

My marriage has been specifically designed to keep at bay the mistakes my parents made. We are doing just fine making our own dumb mistakes.

I got into the mortgage business after I bought my first house, and knew that I could do 100% better job than the loan officer who did my loan. 26 years later, I’m still in the business, and I’m still getting better at it.

I think about how many times I’ve been in a situation, and I get a vision of how it could be improved, and what I would do differently.

Life is full of lessons and unaware teachers.

11 thoughts on “Life lessons

  1. Yep, if we’re living we’re learning, that’s for sure. I’m much like you, in that the majority of lessons learned are from what-not-to-do experiences. Parenting, first and foremost. 😃

      • Agreed. I sat my boys down as they graduated and talked to them about things and life and apologized for what I saw that I had done wrong, and asked them to forgive me for what they thought I had done wrong. It was a great moment for us.

      • I like that idea. We’ve never shied away from any subject with them…ever. Age-appropriately, of course. We won’t shy away from that kind of talk either, I suppose. 😊

      • Having my BA in communication, ( which should be held in contempt sometimes) I kept most of my talks with my boys open, just not intrusive. You know your own children, and know what they will or won’t accept. Children are marvelous at being receptive to our genuine selves. That is all that counts. Everything being age appropriate of course.

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