Picking up or dropping off?

Went out front and this was parked outside……the engine was running, but no one in the truck.

It got me thinking:

Where do they take it?

How does the interview go for that job? “How long have you been in the poop business?” “We provide you with the truck, qualified leads, and your own scoop and gloves.”

Can you imagine the stories that they tell about the size of the piles?

I’m not sure which neighbor they were servicing, but I just had to wonder how spoiled we have to be?

This just goes to prove that there is a job for everyone.

18 thoughts on “Picking up or dropping off?

  1. Haha. The only time I considered using a service was a one time spring clean up a few years back. We had two dogs that winter and so much snow and cold it was just layers and layers. But they wanted like $200 and I just couldn’t do it! But believe me, I earned that money over a couple of days 😂

      • $100 per dog for a big cleanup after the winter. It was a lot of poop! My neighbor and I were going to both get a service but then we were both out there for days after the snow finally melted!

      • Usually do it every week but that winter was just so cold and snowy that it literally was frozen poop that would not come loose. Then it would snow and there’d be another layer. It probably would have been worth it, but I just couldn’t pay someone that much to scoop the poop! I don’t think hubby truly appreciates my contributions around here 😉

  2. Maybe this is one reason unemployment numbers are currently so low? Makes me wonder how much the employees are paid. I’d bet it’s more than minimum wage. If it’s not, I’d also bet that most of the employees are immigrants.

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