Life has been a bit of a struggle the last few weeks with the shoulder thing.

Friday I went for the arthrogram and MRI.

That big needle in my shoulder was not pleasant, it reminded me of getting a Novocain shot, but a bit more intense, especially when the bigger needle for the contrast was put in. Two needles, one shoulder….all I can say is that I was a big girl and didn’t cry. I also didn’t really want to move for the rest of the night either.

All this fuss about my shoulder got me thinking about the human frame, and how remarkably made it is. Muscles, joints, bones, blood, intake, elimination, sight, sound, speech, thought…….we are a remarkable arrangement of atoms.

Today, I’m grateful to go to the movies with the family.

11 thoughts on “Surprised

    • I couldn’t look. I kept my eyes closed and hummed, whistled really loud when it hurt. The doctor remarked when we were done, that I was his first “whistler”.
      The movie was everything I needed. Incredibles 2 was amazing. I laughed so hard

  1. OUCH! I’m glad you found a funny movie to raise those endorphin levels. I hope all of this helps in the end. The body is amazing. I have to believe in a Creator when I think on the wondrous arrangement.

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