Crazy Cardinals

We have a good number of Cardinals hanging out this summer. They are so pretty.

I didn’t realize how aggressive the females are, until I started hearing this noise, like pebbles being pelted at the window.

I walk outside to see if the bird died from the impact, but no. There she was poised on the Rose bush, watching her reflection and ramming the window!

Looking things up, I saw several articles on aggressive female cardinals. Who knew?

We’ve never had that issue before. Maybe she’s hit her head one too many times?

Crazy bird.

Image from Pinterest.

5 thoughts on “Crazy Cardinals

  1. Jeez, your female cardinal apparently doesn’t like her own reflection. 😀 I love cardinals, they’re my favorite local bird. I did see an oriole recently, and they’re gorgeous as well.

  2. Your tale reminds me of a bird in Mexico that came daily to attack its reflection in our truck mirrors–not the mirrors themselves, but the backs which were shiny metallic. Originally the bird just went to the passenger side, but when I covered it with a grocery store bag, he/she just went to the other side. So we kept “Walmart” bags in the side of our doors to cover the mirrors when we arrived home each time. When we returned to Mexico at the end of last summer, our friend was there to peck away again. Persistent aren’t they? And yours does sound aggressive!

  3. You should try to get some photos! I am guessing she is jealous of the female bird she is seeing …. in her own reflection! She must have one hot male Cardinal she is protective of. 😉

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