Life has been a bit of a struggle the last few weeks with the shoulder thing.

Friday I went for the arthrogram and MRI.

That big needle in my shoulder was not pleasant, it reminded me of getting a Novocain shot, but a bit more intense, especially when the bigger needle for the contrast was put in. Two needles, one shoulder….all I can say is that I was a big girl and didn’t cry. I also didn’t really want to move for the rest of the night either.

All this fuss about my shoulder got me thinking about the human frame, and how remarkably made it is. Muscles, joints, bones, blood, intake, elimination, sight, sound, speech, thought…….we are a remarkable arrangement of atoms.

Today, I’m grateful to go to the movies with the family.

From the inside out.

One day this pain shows up. I’m working my shoulders in TRX. Feeling stronger by the day, then this nagging little pain becomes a sharp throbbing pain, then I have to take a break from working out.

My doctor was a riot. “How long have you had this pain?” When I told him it started in April, he didn’t miss a beat “So you rushed right in.”

I told him I go to doctors for big things like child birth, and Achilles reconstruction. The only times I’ve ever been in the hospital!

He did think that was funny. I liked him immediately, and it didn’t hurt that he was really a cutie! Doctor Eye Candy.

So this lovely picture of my shoulder shows a bone spur in the joint where the mouse arrow is. It only affects me when I have to use my left arm to do little things like, close car doors, pick up groceries or children, cook, clean, put on a seat belt. I can still type, talk, and be my general charming self.

The next step is an MRI because, if a bone spur wasn’t stupid enough, I may have a tear in my bicep. Yippee. There goes my weekend plans of Arm Wrestling! I’ll just have to wrestle right handed.

Working out is fraught with peril, just be warned. This is the second time I’ve gotten to a great level only to be side lined with surgery.

So, what can I be grateful for at this point?

First, I’m grateful that it’s my left shoulder, and not my right. I’m grateful it’s not reconstructive surgery. I’m grateful for a fabulous doctor that had me in and out of the first visit in less than an hour, and that was with the new patient paperwork! They were absolutely fabulous! Best doctor visit ever! Even if it wasn’t great news, I’m glad to know what’s wrong, and that it’s fixable.

Crazy Cardinals

We have a good number of Cardinals hanging out this summer. They are so pretty.

I didn’t realize how aggressive the females are, until I started hearing this noise, like pebbles being pelted at the window.

I walk outside to see if the bird died from the impact, but no. There she was poised on the Rose bush, watching her reflection and ramming the window!

Looking things up, I saw several articles on aggressive female cardinals. Who knew?

We’ve never had that issue before. Maybe she’s hit her head one too many times?

Crazy bird.

Image from Pinterest.

Timely reminders

Today started off with a self beating, reprimand, dress down, criticism of the stupidity of getting involved in a dying association.

Nothing is more predictable than me, making a mistake and beating myself up for it.

Then, I turned on the radio and I heard a friendly voice:

“I don’t have to go to work, I GET to go to work.”

“I don’t have to take care of my kids, I GET to take care of my children”

“When you take “have to” and change it to a “get to” it’s a game changer.

Thanks pastor Joel Osteen for reminding me of how much I “get” to do.

It’s all about the attitude.

This moment meant a lot to me. So don’t write me something nasty about pastor Joel. I don’t care if you don’t like him. Be happy that I got a message in due season about my attitude, and it helped me.

Testing my patience

Well, I did it. I don’t know why I did it, but I did.

What did I do?

I volunteered to be the treasurer for a non-profit women’s group.

We had our planning meeting yesterday.

I’m so grateful I kept my temper.

I’m so grateful there are only 8 meetings until my term is up.

It could have been that no one listened, but everyone wanted to talk.

It could have been we could have finished in 2 hours if one of the founding members would have stopped telling us stories or her opinion.

It could have been that the current board preferred to complain than actually consider a fix their issues.

What insists on remaining will never change.

It’s going to be a long year.

Well Worn Frets


I lay the old guitar on my lap, and strum.

The strings are not in tune, but the instrument is so familiar.

I pick out a few cords, find my keys, and start to tune up my grandfather’s guitar.

It’s a well played, and much beloved part of the family.

Can I do it justice?

I see the indentations made by my grandpa.  He would play and sing for us, every chance he got.

He was raised in the hills of West Virginia.  Blue Grass, Gospel, Folk music in his blood.  He would play.  I can still hear him.  It would make him so happy, if we would just sit and listen to the music in his soul.

I could find, G.  I could find D. C sounded terrible.  F eluded me, I think I’m still not tuned right.

The warm ups came back, and I was able to get to G minor, but F….where is F? F minor?

Just a little reminder, and a little effort.  A little toughening of the finger tips.  It will come back, and I can wear those frets out a little more.

It’s hot

The fun of South Texas is the extreme weather. We were spoiled in April and May. It was dry, cool, sunny, and beautiful. Now it’s June in Texas. 96 degrees, 85% humidity a little overwhelming.

Here we go Texas Summer!

Zit on my nose, now a bright red spot

I really thought I was past this point at my age.

My son got a big kick out of my red nose, even my husband laughed.

So do I try the sugar scrub, the hydrogen peroxide, or the bentonite clay?

Coffee scrub, lemon, or the flour and honey paste?

It’s hard to put a bandaid on the end of ones nose.

Darn it!

Zits, at my age. Oh joy.