Herbs in the garden


I love Oregano. In Greek, it translates Joy of the Mountain.

I’m joyous to have it handy for everything I enjoy, a charcuterie plate decoration, seasoning for feta, olives, salad dressing, sauces.

My favorite thing to do with herbs, besides cooking, is letting them flower, and putting them in a vase to brighten a table.

Cheers to Oregano.

7 thoughts on “Herbs in the garden

    • Absolutely. I’ve got two big thyme mounds in the front flower bed. It’s tough as old boots and spills over the retaining rocks so pretty. I can’t do without thyme.

    • By basil peters out about now. It’s too hot here now. But, it’s one of my favorites. Especially when it blooms and I can cut it for a center piece.

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