Just owning it

This is so true for me.

In my early days, I put up with a lot of drama, conflict, and stress. I probably contributed to some of it too.

Now, I understand the value of Peace, Happiness, and minimal stress.

I find myself purposefully avoiding stress, drama, and conflict. It’s really bad for me.

Today, I’m grateful for a new week, a long holiday weekend, and a fresh start to the day.

What are you grateful for today?

11 thoughts on “Just owning it

  1. There is no room for drama! It’s a real bummer when someone seems to always be embroiled in it. Anyway, today is a beautiful day, and I’m grateful for some fine weather moving in.

  2. I’m grateful that my four day trip North of the Border is over, and I am in my peaceful Chama. I am thankful, as are my dogs, that the temperatures here are moderate as opposed to 108 degrees in Del Rio, TX, and 102 in Brownfield, TX. For a 24 hour period I am by myself and I am enjoying just being. To live in this world is to be stressed, but if we can minimize the stress and drama it is so good for us, body and mind. Have a great week.

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