Unexpected, but totally appreciated

I’ve not been myself lately. Too much on my plate, and I got distracted, and a little careless. Careless is not a word associated with me, usually.

Last week, I sent a signed Real Estate listing agreement to myself, instead of the realtor. I meant to send transfer statements to my financial guy, but forgot the attachments.

This week, I left my wedding ring in my hotel room while out for the day making sales calls.

I left my tablet at the TSA point in LAX.

When I realized I left my wedding ring behind, I called the hotel to cancel maid service, but the room had already been serviced. I sent up a quick prayer.

To my delighted surprise my ring was right where I had left it. I indeed left a nice tip for the cleaning lady, and will contact the hotel chain to express my appreciation.

When I realized that I had left my tablet behind, I hoofed back to TSA (who were exceedingly kind) but no one had turned it in. One of the agents went to look at the security footage, and as I waited, another of the Agents walked past me carrying my tablet.

They were so nice about everything, and I walked away saying a prayer of Gratitude.

It’s so easy to berate myself. I’m a seasoned traveler. I know better. Why I’m so scattered right now? I’ll just have to chalk up to stress, and too many irons in the fire.

I’m so grateful for the kindness and goodness of the people I’ve been around this week. Amidst my distractions, I’ve been so blessed that my blunders haven’t cost me. I’m so grateful.

This could have been an extra frustrating trip, but thanks to the goodness of people, it ended up making me smile, count my many blessings, and Thank God for the good people he put in my path.

9 thoughts on “Unexpected, but totally appreciated

  1. Someone is definitely watching out for you! Years ago while deplaning hubby says his wedding band is gone. He has arthritis and when swelling goes down it’s loose. We r standing in line and everyone is helping us look around when flight attendant says I think there’s something shiny under that seat up there. I mean, what are the chances?? But it was his ring!

  2. How delightful on a Friday evening to read a feel good story, one that could have had a different ending but for kind and honest people. Have a blessed weekend and don’t beat yourself up. Just the process of traveling is stressful before you add on the details of work. Next week will be better.

  3. I think someone upstairs is looking out for you. So glad you got everything back and don’t be too hard on yourself, stress makes us all get forgetful at times. Take care xx

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