Ah Ha moments

Have you ever noticed patterns?

Patterns of behavior? Patterns of situation?

Yesterday started well enough, but I found myself irritated beyond measure by 3pm.

So I went back in my journal and found that mid-month this year has been fraught with consternation, frustration, and stupid situations.

Since there is no longer a biological reason for this in me, it really has me wondering what is causing this mid-month moodiness and grief.

(Image from Pinterest; Kush and Wisdom)

It was difficult to stay silent. It was difficult to understand the boiling in my soul.

Today isn’t much better, but at least I have calmed down enough to apply some logic and analysis to the consternation.

Recognizing the pattern actually gave me some relief, because now I can work against it and try to break the cycle.

Today, I might be boiling, but I am grateful that I have found the pattern, and that I can work to break it.

6 thoughts on “Ah Ha moments

  1. Sometimes we just go through difficult seasons. Your action of stepping back to examine it and think about it gives you some control back. I hope it all gets better soon and in the spirit of your theme, rejuvenate your gratitude for the things that went right before things went wrong.

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