Stings, Stalkers, the bees stung my Bee-hind.

That’s just one of them, within 30 minutes of the sting. I’d show the rest, but they are on my butt, inner thighs, and got dangerously close to a very sensitive area.

Nothing will get you moving faster than a bee sting closing in between your legs.

An hour later the sting is 4 times it’s initial size. And my thighs and backside are burning now, swollen, and did I mention burning? I’m glad I got the baking soda paste on as soon as I did.

9 total this time. The girls were not happy, and I had about 12 following me all around the bee yard. I call it “stalking”. They are put out, and follow us around dive bombing our veils, hitting our jackets, expressing their discontent until they are certain that we understand their distress.

Well, this time I got ticked off, because we hadn’t done anything more than put in beetle traps. We didn’t remove frames, we didn’t steal honey, we didn’t even pull anything apart. Quick in and out to help them keep the other bugs off of them.

What did I do when the bees came after me?

First, I squelched the impulse to panic and burn down the hive.

Second, I kept talking to them, and made sure they knew I was calm.

Third, I got out of the bee yard as soon as possible, followed by the hive ‘stalkers’.

I got to the cabin, took off my jeans, treated my stings with baking soda and water paste and took an antihistamine. I changed my jeans from dark denim (which they don’t like) to white canvas Dickey work pants, and went back out. Those little bees were not having the last word, not by any means. Canvas is harder to sting through than jeans. No doubt.

As soon as I stepped foot back across the pond, the Stalkers decided that I hadn’t learned my lesson, and began harassing me again. They didn’t make it back to the hive. I can put up with a lot, but I’m not putting up with an aggressive hive. That queen will be replaced next week. 9 stings, and two stalking

This was one of the nice hives today. But you can see how active they are early in the morning.

Bee keeping has it’s ups and downs. Today was a bit of a down day, but I couldn’t let those bugs have the last say in how my day went.

Sitting might be an issue for the next couple of days, darn it.

Today I’m grateful that I’m not allergic to bees, and that I went back out into the yard.

7 thoughts on “Stings, Stalkers, the bees stung my Bee-hind.

  1. That was no fun! I am full of questions. Do bees actually sense fear? Does the queen control the actions of the bees in her hive (i.e. direct attacks)? Will changing the queen affect the aggressiveness of the whole hive? How do you do that? Order a new queen, calm the hive with smoke and then go in and make the change? I think your changeover would be worth another post. BTW, they say sitting is overrated and we should all stand more. Much healthier, so, ouch! good for you!

    • Sitting IS over rated! You can’t believe what I got done yesterday because I couldn’t sit down for long.
      The queen’s disposition does govern how aggressive the hive is, and they can pick up pheromones from the other bees when they are afraid, or aggressive, and they will work as one unit when those signals are picked up, aka Hive mind.
      The queen also dictates how clean the hive is. So when we get a not-so-great queen, we order a new one and calm everyone down.
      The sound that an aggressive hive makes when they are getting ready to hit, is scary!

      • We only had one hive and for only a year or two before disease took over and my husband’s interest went elsewhere. We only had one suit (darn!) so I watched and didn’t do any of the actual work. I did take the equipment into school and talked to my first graders about bees. They were fascinated. I have forgotten so much about bees and never learned even as much as you have shared here, but I do find it interesting. Thanks for clearing up the “mind hive” thing. Take care of yourself.

  2. My goodness, Wendy! I’ve been stung before, but not near the ‘oh no naughty’ place. The worst sting I’d ever received was from a mud wasp. Those suckers seek out confrontation! I hope that you’re feeling better today.

    • Today I’ve moved from burning to itching. The ones behind my knees actually itch the worst right now.
      We saw some really gnarly Japanese Wasps. They prey on bees. There was a mighty battle in front of one of our larger hives, and the offending wasp was trying to limp off. I dispatched him with my boot.
      Wasps are the worst, and take no instigation before they attack. Plus if unchecked, they can sting again.

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