I don’t know why I’ve started using this word as my “catch-phrase-descriptive”, but I have.

Just got back from Vegas. It was a business conference. Walking through the casino to the convention center wearing my convention badge, I felt like a cliche. Don’t all the bad jokes have something to do with Las Vegas and Conventions?

Is Las Vegas Beautiful? Not really, but some situations were truly lovely.

I got to spend time with some gal pals, I had one spectacular meal, and a truly spectacular beverage. To clarify, a Beautiful adult beverage.

My boss and I decided to head out to the Las Vegas strip in search of Giada DeLaurentis’ restaurant. We found it. I even snagged reservations on the go, so we would be assured of a seat at the table.

Usually at a convention, we are entertaining clients. This time, my boss Regina and I just headed out on our own, and ended up having a fabulous table at a Beautiful restaurant with a stunning meal.

We laughed, enjoyed a view of the Water Dancing at the Bellagio, and had cocktails while we listened to the sound of the Strip below us.

I had never had a Vodka Gimlet before. I’m not much for hard liquor. But if I do have one it is generally a white liquor, vodka or tequila. A Gimlet sounded quite 1940’s, old fashion, and maybe a bit too sweet to manage.

So I asked the Bartender (who was truly Beautiful) what it was like and he persuaded me with a fabulous smile that if I enjoyed lime and basil, I’d love it.

Boy oh boy was he right. It’s truly the first adult beverage, including wine, that I can absolutely say was a beautiful experience. Balanced, not sweet, a lovely fresh finish, and not too strong.

What an amazing night of great conversation, fun beverages, spectacular views, and luscious…perfectly prepared food. I have a whole 9 page soliloquy on the braised short ribs with tangerine on pappardelle pasta. Pasta was made fresh that afternoon. The antipasti had bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese that were the most decadent thing I have ever put in my mouth. I digress, well my mouth is watering in memory. I might need a moment alone.

So before anyone loses their teeth over the price of my cocktail, shut it! I would have gladly paid more for this beautifully prepared concoction in this beautifully appointed place that created this beautiful memory.

There is something about sharing a beautiful meal, in a lovely setting, when everyone is relaxed and at peace that makes an evening Beautiful.

What moments do you recognize as beautiful?

10 thoughts on “Beautiful

  1. Oh, that drink looks wonderful. My favorite is usually vodka and tonic, but I think I’ll try the gimlet! Sounds like you had a great time and lots of fun! We’re going to Vegas in June — my brothers, sister and all our spouses. I can’t wait

    • I highly recommend Giada’s at dinner. They open the big windows, and there is a great view of the water show at the Bellagio. The food was top notch from the antipasti thru dessert. Have fun with your sibs! There is so much to do, I was really disappointed that I couldn’t get tickets for the Zip line on Fremont st. That looked amazing.

      • Hey now, that Ferris wheel outside of Harrah’s is intimidating. The carriages are enclosed, but the wheel is massive. The wheel on top of the Casino that is open air scares me, and no way to do the roller coaster there either!😳

  2. Don’t know if you’ve checked out any of the posts on my page Places of My Life. I have one or two entries re Vegas on there, and I have one or two more that are ready to post if/when I get ambitious enough to go through the motions and effort of trying to make them look pretty!
    As far as beautiful, desert sunsets fit that description for me. I think you might be able to still catch a beautiful one even in that city that never sleeps. There’s something about the white puffy clouds that float above me in a clear blue sky that takes on the colors of the surrounding desert as the sun sets, all framed by low lying mountains. Beautiful! Or, as Giada might say Bellissima!

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