Courthouses, History, Celebrity, and Texas Charm

Texas has some cool architecture. Many of these beautiful courthouses were built by the German and Czech immigrants that came for the Land grants given by the Republic of Texas to attract new citizenry for the newly formed Country between 1836-1856.

This is the courthouse in Glen Rose, Texas. There is a rumor that John Wilkes Booth escaped from Washington, DC after he assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. He was secreted to Texas by confederate sympathizers and became John St. Helen and lived in Glen Rose right behind this courthouse, and in near by Granbury, TX. On his death bed John St. Helen confessed to being Booth, and gave his confessor directions to the hiding place of the weapon he used to kill Lincoln.

The odd connection I have with John Wilkes Booth is through my ex-husband whose grandmother was one of Booth’s nieces. So technically, my oldest son is loosely related to the Assassin through his great grandmother.

This is the Courthouse in the happening burg of Granbury, TX. Granbury was where the widow of Davey Crockett ended up. The Republic of Texas awarded Elizabeth Patton Crockett and her son Robert Crockett a substantial land grant for Crockett’s participation in the battle at the Alamo. It’s one of the towns still left with Confederate statues for the founder of Granbury a Confederate Brigadier General Hiram Granbury.

This is a part of Texas that is so beautiful. Rolling hills, cedar and oak, vineyards, cattle, and of course these little towns that hold history and charm that is uniquely Texas.

9 thoughts on “Courthouses, History, Celebrity, and Texas Charm

    • Many of them came in through Galveston. My husband is 1/2 Czech and 1/2 German. His grandmother still spoke German at home. His Dad and uncles still spoke Czech at home too. I’ve got some really cool family recipes for Kolaches.
      They built some beautiful homes, and public buildings. They added to the Texas music culture too, especially Texas swing. Jak Se Mas!

    • I hadn’t been to Granbury or Glen Rose. It was a lot of fun. One of the buildings we got to explore was built in 1830; and still had the gun slots and escape tunnel they used for Indian raids. All of the cut stone was amazing, and the building was 3 stories high. I kick myself for not getting outdoor pics.

  1. Texas and Tennessee, both places where Mr. Crockett lived during his very colorful life, are two places that seem to have many varied “personalities” e.g. landscapes, cultures. Both can take a bit of getting used to for newcomers from more homogeneous parts of the country. It can take us a while to find the right comfortable niche in each state!

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