Good for your soul

Happy Wednesday!

March is dwindling fast.

2018 is 1/4 gone already.

Spring is springing in most places.

Before the week is done, do something that makes your soul happy. Do something good for you.

For some of us, this means being quiet.

For some of us this means getting away.

For others it means doing something for someone else.

Whatever feeds your soul, and is good for you take a little time and do that.

What feeds your soul?

11 thoughts on “Good for your soul

    • I’m missing my garden in a big way. We’ve got to replace, replenish our soil from the flood. So much was ruined when everything was underwater for a week.
      Play on Bass Man. Enjoy your music.

  1. This is a refreshing post.
    I’m not quite sure. I believe it’s writing. But lately that doesn’t seem to be working, do I am guess I’ve to work on it a little more.

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