A Cleaning Frenzy Saturday

I had a plan today. Get up, shred the expired important documents, empty and wash out the refrigerators, laundry, and grocery store to restock . I had tax returns from 2002, and lots of old financial records that were just taking up space.

The shredding took on a life of its own. 16 years of taxes, 5 very large garbage bags later, I had a filing cabinet cleaned out. Along the way I found old photos that had found their way into old files, a journal from 1990 that documented my divorce, so it was a bit like a treasure hunt. Little bits of our past showing themselves at odd moments. I even found a photo proof from my college graduation, of course I had to order by August of 1987….I might be a tad late.

After the shredding, I took on the small fridge in the laundry room that we keep extras in. Extra milk, bottles of water, beer, wine, defrosting meat, veggies, et al. Then onto the main fridge, and all the nooks and crannies are now all swept clean, wiped down, and refreshed.

Spring cleaning, it refreshes, and sweeps out the old gray of winter. I’m ready for the spring veggies, and every good thing.

It’s hard for me to dig through so much of the past, and let the past lie. The past, like the greedy winter likes to suck me back into the darkness. The future is very bright, I’ve got to stay focused on it.

Cleaning the house requires repetition, but I can’t say that I can say that it’s insanity. It’s one of those maintenance activities that actually makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve loved on my home. I’ve done something for my family. Cleaning is just one of those maintenance items that I do, I’ve just never found a service that can do the same kind of job that I do myself.

So now that the day is almost done, and I’m tired from a good day’s work, I’m getting a lovely glass of wine and putting my feet up.

Goals, no matter how small, mundane, or insignificant, when they are accomplished it is a great feeling.

2 thoughts on “A Cleaning Frenzy Saturday

  1. More tan a goal, a reflection of what the day has meant brought back reflections of what years have meant. A look back at what our time has meant gives so much meaning to our days …

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