You wouldn’t know S#*T from Shine-ola

I’ve heard this saying since I was a little girl.

But I never knew what Shine-ola was. I knew for sure what s#*t was. So in a little girl’s mind, I thought Shine-ola must be some kind of shoe polish. Right? Cause if you weren’t careful, you could step in s#*t, and it was brown, and shoe polish was either black or brown.

Reasonable conclusion? Maybe for a little girl.

Imagine how surprised I was today when I went into a nice jewelry store to have my wedding ring checked over and cleaned when I saw the Shinola Display.

It peaked my curiosity immediately.

Shinola is out of Detroit, and they make fabulous watches, journals, and other haberdashery. Now I know!

My gratitude Journey

(Image credit: Pinterest)

I hadn’t seen this quote before, but I just loved it.

Gratitude is Wine for the soul. I’m so glad that I started my journey, it has changed how I think about things so much.

Odd seasons

Many moons ago now, (cause I had to look it up) Mary Chapin Carpenter had a song called the Bug.  It was on her Come On Come On album from 1992.  I think that counts as Many Moons, since it was over 25 years ago.

It describes perfectly how this year has gone so far.

We are into February, and I am feeling off balance. Friends are distant, things are changing. Work is stalled. I’m doing my best to keep a good attitude, and hoping to being the Windshield soon.

Are we in for another Moon Event?  How many Blue, Super, Wolf, Eclipsing, Moons can we have in such a short period of time?  Could that be the cause of such oddness going on?

I’ve got Lamb Shanks, on a cloudy day

Oh, maybe that’s supposed to be Sunshine, but I’ve got Lamb Shanks and I’m super excited for dinner.

Once I get the polenta ready, we will have a rainy day feast.

Everything is so brown outside. Brown grass, brown bushes, brown plants…..why not appreciate something brown like Braised Lamb Shanks in a Red Wine braising sauce. Lots of love, rosemary, oregano, and garlic went into this dish.

When I cook, I cook.

What do you like to cook?


What is vs What isn’t.

It’s just as simple as that sometimes.

You can’t prove what isn’t. You can’t see what isn’t. You can’t touch what isn’t. So why do we focus on what isn’t?

What is—is there for you. Appreciate it. Let what isn’t go. It’s not there anyway.