Yesterday we went to a funeral for one of my husband’s cousins. It was very moving, and the oldest daughter gave a sweet tribute to her dad. There were great stories told, and memories shared after the service. The obligatory food was consumed. Promises to stay in touch were exchanged.

Why does it take the passing of a life to create the pause to reflect on what’s important and to cherish the people we care for?

I guess I’ve been challenged by this event to take more pauses and appreciate my family while we are still face to face.

Today, I’m so grateful for time, my cozy home, and my husband who always fixes me coffee in the morning.

8 thoughts on “Reflections

    • Too true. They are supremely nice, and fun people to be around, I’d really like to spend more time with them. I’ll have to make the effort, it would be worth it.

  1. It’s a call to awakening when we have thoughts such as your reflection of the services. We are all far too busy chasing material when we should be embracing the spiritual…family,love,beauty of creation.
    My condolences
    Love and Light

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