Snowy Garden

Down the icy path to check on my friends.

She doesn’t look too phased by the icy temps.

St. Francis seems to holding up ok, hiding behind the frozen brown firecracker fern, and still green for now fox tail fern.

The sleepy bunny slumbers away, unfazed by the whole quarfuffle.

Twice in as many months we’ve had a little winter white on the ground.

It will soon warm up, and it will all be gone.

8 thoughts on “Snowy Garden

  1. If I lived in the Houston area, I would be out right now doing my happy snow dance. How exciting–and rare. I love the play of light and dark on your pathway picture. As to the little girl, you need to bring her inside to warm up her tootsies. Enjoy your snow while it lasts.

    • Turkeys are funky birds. They run, they flap, they scurry about like idiots.
      What’s funny here, is the people who freak out when the temps drop. On completely dry streets, driving 20 miles below the speed limit. It’s funny.

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