Changes in the h”air”.

Image credit:  Pinterest

I’ve decided to embrace my gray, and I had my hair cut in Ocotober. 

We went a little bolder with the highlights, to avoid the skunky look. 

No more covering the gray, just highlights and going shorter.  So this photo was taken in October. 

Jump forward to last Friday December 1st.  I’m happy with the color, and the cut, but to speed things up we have to go shorter.

But what about those curls?

This is me, going gray…..but having a bit of fun along the way.  The curls had me channeling my inner Harpo Marx.  I have my trench coat, hat, and horn.  The curls got away from me, and looked quite clownish/Harpo like by the end of the evening. 

I’m running head first into the fullness of my fifties, and I’m not looking back.

18 thoughts on “Changes in the h”air”.

  1. All of them are cute. What a great transition. I had something gentle in mind when I transitioned, but I tried once to explain what I wanted in Spanish. The results were such that 3 hours later, I could tell that I couldn’t explain it well enough in Spanish or my hairdresser didn’t have the skills to do it, so I ended up just letting it grow out. Not the preferred way, but I didn’t have to go to work and I really didn’t know many people at that time, so it was kind of like going incognito, but not nearly as cute as your Harpo look. I love it!

  2. Love and Love your hair. I was just thinking about having a short haircut, I think now you made my mind. The greys are popping up here too, I would like to let them be, but hubby doesn’t agree, so I keep with the colour and highlights. Hugs to you!

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