Three legged dog, wheel class, where plank is my resting pose.

My Sunday, Fun Day yoga classes. 

I love my yoga wheel, it’s a great prop.  The studio where I practice has whole classes that uses the yoga wheel for the Vinyasa flow. 

This is my wheel….A picture of it anyway, I bought it on Amazon. 

It has a little weight, so as we move through the flow, we have some weight to work our muscles in a different way.

Today our challenge was to take warrior one with the wheel, pivot forward to use the weight of the wheel to work our backs and thighs, go to plank, then down dog, to three legged dog, to one leg plank.

Here in Warrior 1, we would be holding wheel overhead, pivoting from the hips to point the wheel forward to hold the upper body parallel to the supporting thigh.  It was very hard. Dripping sweat difficult. 

After three rounds of pointing the wheel forward to upright Warrior 1 on one side we moved to down dog, then three legged dog. 

From here we had to move forward to the 1 legged plank.

These aren’t my photos. I snagged these off Pinterest.  I don’t take my phone into class.  Needless to say I was huffing and puffing by the time we got through three rounds of this flow.  Of course we had to do three rounds on each side.   My instructor thought she would kick up the challenge  by pulling on my wheel during my back work.  I had to stick my tongue out at her and make funny faces. At least she has a sense of humor. 

This is one of those classes where plank is my resting pose.  I always get an amazing work out, and have a good laugh because of the fun gals in the class. 

We always end our practice with inversions, and I’m really close to releasing my wheel on my headstand.  My shoulders are getting stronger by the day.

What are you doing today to challenge yourself, have fun ,or relax?

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