My inappropriate upbringing And the Playboy Mansion


I’m a child who grew up with some really inappropriate (by today’s standards)… do you even say it?   My parents took me to really wild places when I was little.  

In light of Hugh Hefner’s passing, I immediately thought about the trip my parents took me on when I was 8. We drove from Chicago, IL to Geneva, WI to visit the Playboy mansion.  No, I’m not kidding, isn’t that hilarious?  Am I a traumatized victim with odd sexual habits?  No.  So this isn’t a confession of some terrible childhood tragedy.  This isn’t a testimonial of repression, oppression, or abuse.  My dad read Playboy.  He loves women.  He loves me.  I’m really OK with that. 

I don’t know that I ever realized how beautiful the female form could be, until that trip.  It created an awareness of how powerful a woman could be IF, she used her power correctly.  There is a fine line between appreciation and objectification. I’m not for the objectification of women.  I am all for the appreciation of the female form.  But that is not what this post is about.  This is about growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and laughing over my upbringing.

We swam in the very swanky Grotto pool.  We toured the grounds with the Playboy Bunnies.  They were really nice.   We stayed in a room with a round bed, and satin everything.  We had a blast at the Playboy Mansion.  

Hugh Hefner, regardless of your opinion on him, lived life his way.  

Vintage Playboy photos from Pinterest.

8 thoughts on “My inappropriate upbringing And the Playboy Mansion

  1. That is funny. And I agree, he lived his life on his own terms. I never thought of him as an objectifier of women, but I’m not a woman, so I probably have no business making a statement about such things. If all the items of that ilk, Playboy was by far the classiest.

    I am a product of the late 60’s and ’70’s myself, and was exposed to lots and lots of things I’d never consider exposing my own kids to. Different time, and a fantastic era to be raised during. šŸ˜ƒ

  2. I’ve read a couple of articles from Playboy. šŸ˜‰ Certainly a relic of its day, at least it’s legacy won’t be as harsh as the hard core stuff on the internet. Not that I’m familiar with it. šŸ˜€

    • Playboy did some amazing articles for decades. And it was great that so many very powerful and famous people were able to be heard. They were a classy publication from the few that I was able to see.

      • Hef was certainly one of a kind! I’d compare him to Helen Gurley Brown and compare Playboy to Cosmopolitan magazine in that regard, also in the space of the same time period. I don’t remember if Playgirl ever came to close to Playboy except in providing nearly equal opportunities for young women to similarly enjoy the male anatomy, which was usually pictured in tasteful poses similar to the Playboy photos of naked women. Hef was also slightly ahead of his time in appointing his daughter Kristi as CEO of Playboy Enterprises, back in the day.
        I had no idea that Playboy clubs existed in such “off the beaten path” spots as Wisconsin, or that they could be so “family friendly.” I guess that club was in sort of close proximity to the big city of Chicago. I’m sure Paul Ryan would not have approved, though!

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