Slow and comfy Sunday

Cleaning house a little bit.  Going through the drawers and closets, letting go……giving up on some of the old things.

Since Harvey, and Irma I’ve had a bit of an awakening.  There is so much clutter that doesn’t matter.  

I’ve cleaned out so much of what “no longer serves me”.  That is a phrase that I’ve come to know in my yoga practice.

You have days when your strength, attitude, ability, and flow work.  You exit the class better than you were when you went in.  You have other days when you can’t keep your balance, your body rebels, and you wonder why nothing is working.  It’s all ok.  It’s important to let go of what isn’t working.

9 thoughts on “Slow and comfy Sunday

  1. We’ve been purging, slowly but surely, for the past couple of years. It feels like the house can breathe, and there’s always an increase in energy after things leave. We have many miles to travel still, but it’s a good start. 😃

  2. This is a great post. Getting rid of things can be freeing. Having them means having to clean them, maintain them, insure them, store them, license them, and FIND them when you need them. Less can definitely be more!

  3. “It’s important to let go of what isn’t working.” Of course, first you have to recognize when something isn’t working. Natural disasters and medical scares probably help to make that recognition easier.

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