MRI, testing, and comfort food.

With all the Storm issues, flooding, recovery, etc..when my Dr. Office reopened I got a call.

We have concerns about your recent tests, please schedule an MRI, and let us know where to fax the orders.

I had the MRI on Monday.  It was on my pituitary gland, yes, my head.  I’ve never heard such a noise, as the MRI. 

It was a little difficult, as my mother and aunt both recently died of cancer that matasticied from the points of origin into their brains. Brain tumors and terrible deaths….can you tell this bothered me a just a little.

As much as it bothered me, I focused on just getting through.

I got word back today that all is well, and that a medical protocol will be short.  No chemo, no radiation for now.

I’m just so grateful.  So I celebrated with a little fine breakfast…. By myself. Isn’t that beautiful?

My server’s name was “Precious”, no kidding!  She was as precious as her name implied.  I wrote a fabulous 5 star review for them on Travel Advisor.  A crab cake Eggs Benedict with Texas Pecan Coffee was amazingly fabulous. 

11 thoughts on “MRI, testing, and comfort food.

  1. That breakfast looks delicious – and well deserved! Glad to hear you got through the ordeal. I’ve had a few MRI’s of the brain, not at all pleasant and if you’re claustrophobic, as I am, a bit of an ordeal. But what a relief to know all is well! πŸ™‚

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