Happy Friday!

I’m taking a few minutes not just to say “bye” to the work week, but “adios” to September.  

I’m looking forward to a more productive October. 

Where ever you are, enjoy.  Do a little Friday Dance!

My inappropriate upbringing And the Playboy Mansion


I’m a child who grew up with some really inappropriate (by today’s standards)…..how do you even say it?   My parents took me to really wild places when I was little.  

In light of Hugh Hefner’s passing, I immediately thought about the trip my parents took me on when I was 8. We drove from Chicago, IL to Geneva, WI to visit the Playboy mansion.  No, I’m not kidding, isn’t that hilarious?  Am I a traumatized victim with odd sexual habits?  No.  So this isn’t a confession of some terrible childhood tragedy.  This isn’t a testimonial of repression, oppression, or abuse.  My dad read Playboy.  He loves women.  He loves me.  I’m really OK with that. 

I don’t know that I ever realized how beautiful the female form could be, until that trip.  It created an awareness of how powerful a woman could be IF, she used her power correctly.  There is a fine line between appreciation and objectification. I’m not for the objectification of women.  I am all for the appreciation of the female form.  But that is not what this post is about.  This is about growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and laughing over my upbringing.

We swam in the very swanky Grotto pool.  We toured the grounds with the Playboy Bunnies.  They were really nice.   We stayed in a room with a round bed, and satin everything.  We had a blast at the Playboy Mansion.  

Hugh Hefner, regardless of your opinion on him, lived life his way.  

Vintage Playboy photos from Pinterest.

Slow and comfy Sunday

Cleaning house a little bit.  Going through the drawers and closets, letting go……giving up on some of the old things.

Since Harvey, and Irma I’ve had a bit of an awakening.  There is so much clutter that doesn’t matter.  

I’ve cleaned out so much of what “no longer serves me”.  That is a phrase that I’ve come to know in my yoga practice.

You have days when your strength, attitude, ability, and flow work.  You exit the class better than you were when you went in.  You have other days when you can’t keep your balance, your body rebels, and you wonder why nothing is working.  It’s all ok.  It’s important to let go of what isn’t working.

MRI, testing, and comfort food.

With all the Storm issues, flooding, recovery, etc..when my Dr. Office reopened I got a call.

We have concerns about your recent tests, please schedule an MRI, and let us know where to fax the orders.

I had the MRI on Monday.  It was on my pituitary gland, yes, my head.  I’ve never heard such a noise, as the MRI. 

It was a little difficult, as my mother and aunt both recently died of cancer that matasticied from the points of origin into their brains. Brain tumors and terrible deaths….can you tell this bothered me a just a little.

As much as it bothered me, I focused on just getting through.

I got word back today that all is well, and that a medical protocol will be short.  No chemo, no radiation for now.

I’m just so grateful.  So I celebrated with a little fine breakfast…. By myself. Isn’t that beautiful?

My server’s name was “Precious”, no kidding!  She was as precious as her name implied.  I wrote a fabulous 5 star review for them on Travel Advisor.  A crab cake Eggs Benedict with Texas Pecan Coffee was amazingly fabulous. 

Trillions on Trillions and not the national debt.

I was listening to the Talking heads discussing how stupid it was that the flood victims in Texas built where they built, and why didn’t they have flood insurance?  They actually were having a discussion on why Americans should not be able to build homes near rivers, the ocean, or the gulf……..really?  The stupidity seems to originating from the Talking heads.

Did you know that most of the people, in Houston, who flooded during this event were not in the designated National Flood Map zones? Their homes were high and dry during the last three big rain events.  Their mortgage companies didn’t require flood insurance, and their was no indication that their homes were at risk.  

Did you know that a large majority of homes that were flooded, were flooded on purpose by the Army Corps of Engineers who schedule water releases from two reservoirs that were at risk of failing?  How can a home owner insure themselves from that type of event?

Did you know that the national weather service added a new color to their rainfall charts?  Black, they added black to show the areas that received over 50 inches of rain.

Outside of a city that is up in the mountains with incredible drainage, 50 inches of rain would flood just about anything.

Who would expect that much rain?

Something simpleĀ 

I needed a little reminder this week. I’ve found myself sensitive and snapping.  It’s not a pretty side of my personality, but when I’m over tired, or stressed I get easily annoyed.  

When I saw this from Kush and Wizdom this morning, I took it for myself.

So Happy Friday.  I hope your weekend is amazing.

Today I’m grateful for reasons to not be annoyed.šŸ˜‰


Breathing, something we take for granted.  Air in, air out.

One of the focuses of my recent practice is mindful breathing to either energize or calm the body.

Mine has needed calming.  The recovery from Harvey is Horrific.  People are still displaced, the clean up and reconstruction will take a long time.

In a City of 5 plus million people; 150,000 homes have flood damage.  There are two schools of thought on that number, the first is the devastation of the sheer number.  The second is the pragmatic view that the number, no matter how big, is exceedingly small compared to the entire population of Houston.

The traffic has been horrible as one of the major toll roads just re-opened this week.  

The euphoria of charity, help, and heroism has dissolved into traffic jams, short tempers, and the “we’re so done” attitude toward pulling out dry wall, carpet, and flooded debris.  Let’s not even talk about mold.  That’s a whole book in itself.

So today, let’s take a few minutes to breath slowly and deeply. In and out.  Be calm, and someone buy some bleach.

Harvey, Irma, Jose….bite me!

Going through a little Anxiety as I watch Irma bear down on Florida.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it to yoga today.

I will have to double up tomorrow. This hurricane thing is terrible and great at the same time. It’s brought some good by bringing neighbors, strangers, friends, and countrymen together.  We will rebuild, and come through stronger. 

God Bless those in Florida, be safe.  Namaste.