Coming through Harvey

According to, an article by Andrew Freedman 3 days ago, 15 trillion gallons of water fell in S. Texas during the 4 days the storm traveled across South Texas. By some Estimates 11 trillion a gallons fell in the 2700 square miles inside The Grand Parkway of the greater Houston Area.  Some areas of Houston experienced 50 inches of precipitation, the average rainfall across the city was 43 inches.  43 inches is half the average annual rainfall for Houston.

By comparison, when California was experiencing their drought, the state estimated that it would take 11 trillion gallons to break their record breaking drought. 

Trillions of gallons……I can’t even fathom the volume of that number. 

The water receded, slowly, and the roads became roads instead of water ways.

I got to get out a little today.  One of the grocery stores was open for a few hours.  They didn’t have much, but I got some milk, eggs, and a couple of veggies to keep us going for the next couple of days.

The crowds were upbeat, and there was an air of community and politeness.  

As I put my cart in the designated rack in the parking lot, a lovely middle eastern woman came along side me.  She had this sweet smile on her face.  In the friendliest way possible, she asked me about my house and family.  We shared our experiences for a moment, and she began to weep, so overwhelmed with gratitude that they had made it through.  I couldn’t help but weep with her.  We hugged, and wished each other well.  

The gravity of the event is hitting all around us.  I’m shaky, and weepy with relief.  I’m devasted by the loss all around me. There were two high water rescues near us.  The sound of the helicopters was amazing.  The silence of the neighborhood as we held our breath to see if the water would recede was deafening. 

We will be gathering donations, and heading out to see how we can volunteer to help.  I’m humbled, and in awe.  We made it through. 

13 thoughts on “Coming through Harvey

  1. I’m glad you have made it through safely. It was an experience too big and too expansive for the imagination to fathom. Your post was so well written, insightful and sensitive. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it all.

  2. Thank God you made it through okay. So much devastation, so much water it’s hard to comprehend. Nature has a way of testing us but glad you’re ok. 💜

    • Yes ma’am. Nature is harsh in the most terrifying of ways, and most enjoyable when she feels like it. When the sun broke through, the city rejoiced, it was almost spiritual. It’s a rare thing not to see the sun for 4 days here.

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