Hurricanes, what can you do?

Living in the Gulf Coast of Texas has it’s ups and downs.

We get a very mild winter, early growing season for veggies, it’s lovely and green most of the time, and we enjoy lots of sunshine.

The down side is the Hurricane issue.  Especially in today’s frantic media world, you would think that a Hurricane spells out the Apocalypse.  The end is near!  Run to the store, fill your tanks with gas, board up your windows, we are all going to DIE!  Do you have your towel?  Oh wait, that’s Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Yes, a Hurricane is powerful.  Yes, if you are stupid a Hurricane can hurt you.  No, the weather patterns are not always right.  Yes, you should take precautions in any area of the country that has odd weather things like tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, swarms of locusts, flesh eating bacteria, or killer bees.

We are watching Harvey in the gulf.  He’s a Tropical Storm, no wait, he’s a hurricane, but a weak one, but wait he’s getting stronger, no….he’s getting weaker!  There could be 50 inches of rain!  Well, maybe more like 15 inches of rain.   No wait, Harvey could bounce back into the gulf regain strength and wipe out Texas and Louisiana.  Maybe, it could happen.

So as we hunker down and wait for Harvey to make landfall, and decide which low pressure center he’s going to follow, or if he will bounce back into the gulf and become Harvey Part Deaux, I’m deciding how to use all the food in my freezer so I can stock back up when we get through all this.

My biggest concern?  Not having power or internet on Sunday night, and miss the season finale of Game of Thrones.

Peace Out friends.  Here’s a funny meme of the Hurricane Categories, and what they mean.




11 thoughts on “Hurricanes, what can you do?

    • I’ve never seen such great acting. They maintain the same level of enthusiasm and drama each time they say something. I’m looking at the guy standing on the sea wall in Corpus, there are no waves, and he’s barely being moved by the wind.
      I’m so glad that he’s there. We’d never know otherwise.

  1. When I lived on the Gulf Coast and before Katrina, we would have “wind” parties .. it was safe as nothing mounted to anything more than a tropical storm. Always thought being a storm chaser would be awesome!

  2. We get them here too 🙂 Had one fairly recently that threatened to wipe us all out. Afterwards everyone was ‘That wasn’t so bad. No damage. No one dead. Media over reacted again’ to which I replied ‘Yep. No damage and no deaths because Media warned us a lot so we put our stuff away so that on one got speared with sun umbrellas and we all got off the roads’ 🙂 We also hanker down and ride it out, but tie the boat to the deck just in case 😉

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