A Journey begins

Letting go of weight, focusing on strength, and being just who I am.

Transforming myself from the inside out.  Getting stronger by the minute. 

Daily practice, includes inversions.  The headstand is the beginning.  Adding the strength moves.  Then, letting go of the wheel.  Next the Forearm Stand.

This will be my 2nd month of regular 3x a week practice.  Strength and Flexibility are the goals. 

8 thoughts on “A Journey begins

  1. Keep practicing something that is clearly doing you a lot of good, both physical and mentally. I know what you mean about bouncing and prancing around. I could feel my own big ol’ butt jiggling in the water aerobics class I did for the first time last week. Dang, I thought the water would offer enough resistance to hold those rolls of fat in place!

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