Stories behind the black eye!

I woke up extra tired today.

It didn’t seem like I could get going.

So I took my shower, and what did I see in the mirror when I got out?

A black eye!  Well a nasty black spot under my right eye.  The make up just can’t cover it up.

What the heck?  What an odd little patch?  I think the make-up makes it look worse.

The only thing I can think of that might have caused the odd discoloration would be practicing my headstands.

I got a new Yoga Wheel, and yesterday I showed off some of my headstand skill to my husband.  Let me tell you, he was impressed.



Truly, he thought it was cool.

I must have busted a blood vessel, and ta-da, a little black eye.


I need an awesome story to go along with it……it’s such a little patch.  Maybe I got hit in the eye with a sparkler?  Fight with a Fairy Princess with a tiny little fist?  Poked myself in the face with a pencil?

I almost hope it gets a little bigger, so I can come up with a better story.

19 thoughts on “Stories behind the black eye!

  1. …your side job is Super Heroine Extrordinaire, crime fighting super lady and you had one mean tussle!


  2. Odd little patch! With me it would be something like “I was trying to learn how to yo-yo.” Not really a very impressive story. It kind of looks like smudged mascara. You could play the sympathy card and tell a sad tale as to why you have been crying. I think the Superhero idea is much more fun, however!

    • It’s been so long since I played with a Yo-Yo, I would pop myself in the eye!
      I like the superhero story. It made me smile……Never fear, Wendy’s here!

  3. Bar fight with a fairy! Ah! Haha. That’s the most creative tag I’ve ever read.

    Have you tried salt and butter? Over the eye. Some salt and butter takes the color out. I’ve gotten more black eyes than I can count.

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