Finding the humor in my workout

Image from Pinterest. 

Getting through the sun salutations yesterday, huffing and puffing only to find a little humor.

I wonder where I can get a set of these?

In my warrior yestday, the instructor is pushing down my shoulders, and straightening my arms….that was funny.

In my down dog, she tries to flatten the middle of my back, and push my shoulders down.

It was like I was one of those toys where you push one side and another side goes silly?  It was very Lucille Ball.

I didn’t quite get into my headstand.  I couldn’t figure out how to relax the muscles in my legs.  It wasn’t like I was using my legs, I just couldn’t relax them.  It didn’t seem like they were flexed.  It was a quandary.  “Clear your mind, relax your legs, engage your core, flex your feet.”  Sorry, I cleared my mind, what was after that?

I live to fight another day I guess, and try again at lunch on Friday.

Today I’m grateful that my planks are getting stronger, and I actually got my leg into a half lotus.  Trying not to think about my age does make Yoga a little easier.

Have you ever had a funny work out?  

5 thoughts on “Finding the humor in my workout

  1. My funniest work outs involve any kind of ‘dance’ type class where my sense of coordination and rhythm is put to the test. But your yoga instructor sounds less than zen – it’s supposed to be all about breathing and easing into positions, not pushing and competing for perfect poses! 😉

    • New Zumba routines bring out the Lucille Ball in me too!
      My yoga instructor called what she was doing “adjustments”.
      In my half lotus with the forward fold, she laid on my back. I had a hard time unfolding afterward! It had something to do with Ashurtanga yoga? She mentioned a documentary.
      There was no Zen, but I did feel all 53 years of age afterward.

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